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This form is hosted by and on http://www.igrescueohio.org, but may be used by any applicants in the United States or Canada*.
Applications for areas outside of Ohio will be forwarded to the appropriate State or Area Representatives.*

* The Representative covering NJ, NY City, and E PA DOES NOT accept this application. She requires applicants in her area to complete the paper application and mail it to her. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please contact her directly at cityiggys@me.com

If you are not contacted within 10 days, please contact your rep or IG Rescue Ohio to confirm receipt.
Click here to find your local rep.

Important Information and Requirements Regarding Adoption

It is vital to keep your Italian Greyhound ON A LEASH AT ALL TIMES outdoors if not in a fenced area.

Italian Greyhounds are sight hounds and will chase small moving objects regardless of danger, including rabbits, birds, and squirrels. NEVER 'trust' your Italian Greyhound won't run away!

You must agree to keep your Italian Greyhound as a pet in your home as a part of your family. This breed should not be kept outdoors or left outside unattended for any extended period of time.

You must agree to have your rescue dog wear an identification tag at all times. IGCA Rescue will provide all rescue dogs with an identification tag free of charge.

You must agree to maintain necessary vaccinations recommended by your vet and be responsible for licensing your dogs according to regulations in your community.

You must contact the IGCA Rescue Representative and provide notification of any change in contact information from that listed on this application.

You must notify the IGCA Rescue Representative if you cannot keep your rescue dog for any reason. The rescue dog must be returned to IGCA rescue and may not be given to a humane shelter, other rescue group, or any individual, without the consent of IGCA Rescue.

Before applying, please consider that significant changes in life circumstances are the major reason we see dogs come into rescue. New babies, divorce, death, major illness or job change/loss result in displacement of dogs that thought they were part of the family.

Please consider your family plans before you get a dog. If in the next 20 years you might have children, or expect children may be regular visitors in the home, rescue will help you find a dog that would do best in a family environment.

Please consider the longevity of the breed and what will happen to your family pet in the event your circumstances change. Rescue will always be willing to take one of our own back, but planning ahead can ensure your dog is given the best possible opportunity.

If you have significant foreseeable changes in your life that will conflict with giving a rescue IG a life long commitment, for example multiple moves, overseas travel, financial issues, please consider other ways that you can enjoy this wonderful breed. Fostering, or offering a senior dog a loving home do not carry the long term commitment adopting a puppy carries.

You must notify the IGCA Rescue Representative if you cannot keep your rescue dog for any reason. The rescue dog must be returned to IGCA rescue and may not be given to a humane shelter, other rescue group, or any individual, without the consent of IGCA Rescue.

The Italian Greyhound Rescue Fund (IGRF) is maintained by the IGRF Treasurer and all donations are payable to the 'IGRF Rescue'. The IGRF Rescue fund is comprised of donations by IGCA members, those interested in the wellbeing of the breed, and adoption donations.

IGCA Rescue must reserve the right to deny any adoption or volunteer application.

THANK YOU for your interest in rescued IGs. Our application may seem a bit lengthy, but it enables us to consider the needs of each dog in relation to the abilities, preferences and situation of our volunteers and adopters.

IGCA Rescue is comprised entirely of volunteers dedicated to the well being of displaced Italian Greyhounds. While we try to be proactive in our communications we do have limited time; please feel free to contact us any time concerning your application.

Please make sure you fill out all the (Required) fields in the application or it will not be sent and you will need to start over.

Applicant Information

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Contact your vet's office and have them note in your records that you release them to speak to rescue. Most offices will not verify information for us until you give them permission.


Past Experience with Shelters/Rescues

Have you ever given a pet away or surrendered to a rescue or shelter?

If you can answer yes, please explain the circumstances.

Have you applied to adopt or volunteer with a shelter or rescue group in the past?

          If yes, please give the name of the group:

          And provide contact phone number or e-mail address

Have you been a member of, or volunteered for, any rescue groups or breed clubs?

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Living Situation

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Describe the type and height of fencing for your yard, and if it is partially or fully fenced.

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Please list all other members of the household - except applicant(s)

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Who will have primary responsibility for a dog placed in the home?

Is this dog a surprise gift?

Will children be responsible for the care of the dog?

Do children under 12 regularly visit your home?

Where will your dog be while home alone?







If "Other", please explain.

Does anyone in the home have allergies?

What best describes the typical energy level of your home?

In a typical week, what is the longest continuous amount of time a dog will be left alone?

Where do you expect a dog to sleep at night?

Are dogs allowed on the furniture?


Care and Training

Do you know how to use a martingale collar?

How does your family feel about crate training?

How often do you travel during a year?

What plans do you have for your rescue dog when you travel?

Do you plan on attending classes or activities with your rescue dog?





If "Other", please explain.

What house training option do you plan to use?


Describe how and when you plan to exercise a dog placed in your home?

If a dog has a potty accident in the house, what would you do to correct it?

If a dog chews something inappropriate, how would you correct it?

What brand and formula food do you plan to feed? Wet or dry? What feeding schedule do you plan to use?


Preferences: For adoption applications only!

Gender preference

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Color preference






Size preference


Activity Level


Would you consider something other than your stated preference?

Would you consider a dog requiring medications (for example - insulin or Phenobarbital for seizures)?

Would you consider a dog with special needs (for example - deaf, blind, or mobility (movement) issues)?

Would you consider a dog that needs extra time to adjust or is very shy?

Would you consider adopting a pair of dogs (at the same time or within a short period)?

Would you consider a dog that requires extra behavioral work?

Volunteer Activities: (Please select what you are interested in)



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Submission of this application is enabled after you indicate that you have read and agreed to the following terms and conditions as indicated by checking each of the items which will appear below. By doing so, you affirm that all information provided is accurate and you agree to all the terms herein.

I am prepared to work through an adjustment period, with the help of my rescue rep, with a new dog where they may exhibit undesirable behaviors.