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Nutrition, Feeding, and Weight Maintenance

Follow these basic tips to choose a good dog food:

DO make sure that the first ingredient (or ingredients) is a specific animal protein, such as chicken, beef, pork, duck, lamb, etc.

- avoid wheat and corn

- avoid junky non-nutritive fillers like brewers rice, cellulose (wood pulp), hulls, and mill run (floor sweepings)

- avoid artificial ingredients, preservatives, colors

- avoid sugar -- this is often added to low quality dog food to increase palatability.

- avoid non-specific animal sources, such as "meat" and "animal" -- these can be obtained from very unpleasant sources

DO supplement kibble with fresh, healthy, "whole" foods (see "Poison Control" above for foods to avoid)

 IGCA Rescue of ND/MN does not recommend free-choice feeding (free feeding). Measured, scheduled feedings (such as twice daily) promote healthy weight and consistent potty habits, and also provide an opportunity for the owner to positively reinforce good behavior.

What's in your dog food? (Detailed nutrition information from The Dogfood Project)

What should an IG look like? (courtesy of D'Folly IGs)

More on weight maintenance (courtesy of WI IG Rescue)

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