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Iggy Gear

Products by Friends of the Rescue:

Aunt Toni's Jammies - custom made Iggy clothing (a percentage of each sale goes to the IG Rescue of Ohio)

Gems From Roxy's Closet - custom made dog beds

Three Little Iglets - custom made dog bed snuggle sacks

Wee Wear 4 Pets - custom made Iggy clothing, collars and harnesses

Cappi's Jammies - custom made Iggy clothing

Beretta's Bling - custom made Martingale collars and leads

Shop MollyD - custom made Martingale collars

Reversible Harness Vests by Linda - custom made harnesses for Iggies

Pet Diffuser Pendants - Aromatherapy solutions for your dog


Highly Recommended Products:


Finding the right harness takes some research.  After purchasing the typical harness from our local pet store, our freshly rescued mill Iggy backed out of the harness and ran for her life.  After an hour or so of chasing her through four lanes of traffic (even with a plate in her leg, she's fast!) we finally captured her.  I started researching for better escape-proof harnesses and found the Web Master Harness made by Ruffwear (www.ruffwear.com).  The Web Master Harness was made for a lot of things that we'd never put our IGs through.  However, it is comfortable for the dog, durable, and best of all, escape-proof.  When properly sized and fitted, the second, rear girth strap will sit behind the dog's rib cage and prevent them from backing out.  Especially helpful for a site hound. We use these in the car too, combined with a coupler and a carabineer, they make for good seat belt harnesses.  Most of the IGs would take a XS, but smaller petite IGs might need an XXS.  Fit Guide is available on the Ruffwear.com site.



To our Iggys, going outside after a few snow flakes hit the ground, it looks like this...

Yes, that's Hoth Cold and they really don't want to see if Luke Skywalker is out there in the snow.  To prevent your Iggys from doing a u-turn and help them stay warm, a good coat is what they need.  We found that Iggys like the extra coverage of the Voyagers K9 Apparel Winter Coat.  Easy to put on and keep on, this waterproof coat is lined with warm, polar fleece and has an attached fleece snood. Pull the snood up and over your dog's ears for extra protection from the wind; fold dog snood back down like a turtleneck. Rugged construction of quality materials means your Italian Greyhound will stay warm and dry throughout the season!


Baby Bed Mattress:

Baby beds make perfect beds for dogs.  They are good sized, especially if you have a couple IGs in your household.  Most of them are equipped with a water proof cover.  The only thing that will need washed is the mattress cover.  Much easier than washing a regular dog bed.



ThunderShirt's patented design applies a gentle, constant pressure that has a dramatic calming effect for over 80% of dogs.

•Most effective anxiety solution as voted by veterinarians

•Already helping hundreds of thousands of dogs and cats across the country

•Great for storms, separation, travel and many other anxieties

•No need for training or medication