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Please remember: Our organization relies solely on volunteers throughout the state, we do not have a physical shelter. Please be patient as we process your application, or answer your questions. It is best to enter the process with an open mind. Please apply before you get your heart set on a dog on the website. An applicant who has been approved prior to you may have been waiting for a dog just like the one you like! We want to make sure all of the dogs in our care find their perfect forever home!

A potential adopter must do some preliminary research; to be sure this is the right breed for their family. The information on this site is a good place to start. If you have any questions, you are more than welcome to contact us for more information at OhioIGCARescue@gmail.com. If you have decided that an Italian Greyhound is right for you, please submit an through our website at http://igrescueohio.org/regform.php or by requesting an application via email to OhioIGCARescue@gmail.com. Once received, your application will be reviewed, and a rep will contact you. If you are located outside of Ohio, we will be happy to forward your application to your local rep if you choose to use our online application.

If you have submitted an application, please expect the approval process to take at least a week, and up to 3 or 4 weeks. If there is missing information, we cannot reach your references, or have difficulty reaching you it can greatly extend the time it takes to process your application. Applications submitted around holidays will typically take a little longer due to obligations our volunteers have other than rescue. It is very important for the applicant to let their vet and personal references to know that a rescue volunteer will be calling, and that it is ok to share information. We do check all references, including your vet for every application. Once all of the references are checked, and we have discussed any questions about the application with the applicant, we will arrange for a volunteer to visit your home. The home visit allows a volunteer to help you make sure you have an iggy safe environment, and sit down with the family to answer any questions you might have. After the home visit is completed, the application can be approved. The rep will contact the applicant to discuss specific dogs at that time.

In order to find a dog that is a good fit, your rep will consider both the applicant's and dog's needs. Please keep in mind that not every dog will be a good fit for every family, our goal is to make sure once a dog is placed it remains in your home for the rest of its life. If a local dog that meets the needs of the applicant is not available, we will look out of state. Once an applicant and rep have agreed a dog may be a good fit, the foster home will be contacted to arrange a visit. Generally, the applicant will be expected to go the the dog's foster home with their family (including current dog/s). This allows the applicant to see the dog in a comfortable environment, and decide if the dog is a good match.

If the applicant and foster home are happy with the match, usually the dog can be adopted at that time. If the dog is not a good fit, the applicant should get back in touch with their rep to find another dog. Due to the nature of rescue, we focus on one dog per applicant at a time. We usually have more than one applicant in the process of looking at dogs at any given time, and cannot justify delaying a dog's adoption in order to hold it while a potential adopter sees other dogs first. We appreciate your understanding and patience with our process.

Once an adopter has found their perfect match, we will ask you to complete an adoption contract. The donation requested at the time of adoption varies with the age of the dog. 

The donation is used to help continue our mission of rescuing other Italian Greyhounds in need. All dogs are sterilized, brought up to date on required shots, tested for heartworm if needed, and any other procedures as medically necessary to ensure the dog is as healthy as possible at adoption. 

Foster families offer the dogs in their care a second chance. Their health and behavior are evaluated, and treated as needed. Generally, a trip to the vet for a few shots and a check-up, and a brush up on housetraining is all a dog needs to be ready for a brand new forever home. Any special needs or quirks that foster or rescue become aware of while a dog is with us will be fully disclosed to a potential adopter, we make every effort to ensure a dog is a good match for an adopter.

Through our adoption process, we match each adoptive family with an available dog that will be a good "forever" fit.

Before you begin an adoption process, please research the breed.

Our adoption process consists of:

  • Fill out Adoption Application

  • Reference Checks and Vet Check

  • Conversation to determine what dogs might be a good match for your family

  • Home visit

  • Meet available dogs

  • Complete Adoption Agreement on Adoption Day!

Please submit an application if you'd like to be on our list of approved adopters. Sometimes a dog won't make it on to Petfinder because we had an approved adopter on our list, waiting for that perfect match! All adoption fees go to the IG Rescue Fund, to pay for veterinary care for all of our foster dogs.

Adopting an Italian Greyhound should be a lifelong commitment.

Adopting out-of-state and into Canada

  • Out-of-state Adoptions are at the sole discretion of the potential adopter's local IGCA Rescue Representative (US only). Local adoptions are strongly preferred, as it is highly likely that a suitable Italian Greyhound is or will soon be available in your home state or neighboring states.

  • Adoptions into Canada can be approved by IGCA Rescue of MN/ND. Home visits may take longer than usual to arrange.

  • Adopter MUST come to the foster home to meet their new dog -- we DO NOT ship dogs under any circumstances.

  • We will provide a bill of sale (Canada adoptions), and certification of current vaccinations.

  • A duty tax may be collected at the Canadian border.

    A word of caution about purchasing a puppy:
    If you choose to purchase a non-rescue IG puppy, please shop with caution. ALL puppies sold in pet stores are from puppy mills, where their parents may suffer in horrific conditions. There are no exceptions -- a decent breeder would NEVER allow their pups to be sold at a pet store. Pet store puppies will be more prone to health and behavioral defects. Many "internet" breeders are also not reputable, despite what a fancy website may imply. Please, do your homework to locate a good, responsible breeder who works to improve the breed, and does health testing on all breeding dogs. If a breeder routinely has several puppies available, will accept payment by credit card over the internet, and will ship a puppy to a buyer without extensive communication and owner education, those are red flags that the breeder is not reputable and should be avoided.

    Click here for more information about Puppy Mills.